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March 29, 2012

design board sources

For those who asked, here are the sources for the giveaway-inspired design boards I posted this week.
I don't share sources for my client design boards, but I'm happy share for these just-for-fun boards!

Nautical-inspired Living Room Design

Pillows | Woodyliana
Bedford Sofa | Williams-Sonoma
Murray Coffee Table | Williams-Sonoma

Asian-inspired Sitting Room Design

Pillows | Woodyliana
Truman Lamp | High Street Market
Wuchow Wide-Screen TV Stand | Home Decorators
Chelsea Wing Chair | Williams-Sonoma

The giveaway ends soon, don't forget to enter!

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March 28, 2012

when to spend and when to save

For most people, decorating involves finding the sweet spot between spending the money required to make it look good, but also not breaking the bank. When should you spend? When should you save?

Here are my suggestions on a couple of pieces worth spending on, and a few that are easy to save on without sacrificing style:


Feature Fabrics
If I'm doing a design on a budget, this is one place I will not skimp! Even a single beautiful pillow can make a room.

Designer decorating fabric is expensive. For reference, the retail price of Schumacher's super-popular Chiang Mai Dragon fabric is about $157 per yard, and that's not even close to the top of the range. But you can get a pillow cover or an upholstered seat out of a small portion of the yard, with great impact.

The fabric doesn't have to be expensive if the cloth is good quality and the workmanship is perfect. The bedding from this project I did is a great example. We used one beautiful fabric as the focal point. The fabric (Waverly's "Formosa") is very inexpensive, just $15 per yard. But it has vibrant, saturated colors and the pillow is sewn with a custom welt that makes it look totally chic and so much more expensive.

Michelle Adams (Lonny) via kate spade

Classic furniture
Investing in extremely classic, well-designed, sturdy furniture is never a bad investment. I think sofas are the best example. The classics (chesterfield, roll-arm, etc.) are never out of style. The lines are so good on these pieces that they will always be en vogue. They will need to be reupholstered for sure, but that is a relatively small expense.

 Little Green Notebook
Curtains & Hardware
You can get a designer pillow out of just a small corner of a yard, but curtains require yards and yards of fabric! People don't usually interact with curtains like they do with other home textiles-- people sit on chairs and ottomans and lay on sheets, blankets, and pillows. We generally just look at curtains from afar.

via Pink Wallpaper
On a budget, I like to use solid light- to mid-weight linen, sometimes in colors, but often in natural or white.

Curtain hardware is also an easy place to save. There are some show-stopping hardware options like brass and lucite, but if you're not trying to make a statement out of it, you can hang curtains beautifully and inexpensively. Cheap rod sets and ring clips are easy to find at home improvement and discount stores.

Caitlin Creer, Photo by Sara Bateman
It is sometimes so hard to not spend your money on the little stuff! It's hard to pass up all the small, cool stuff you could buy and save up until you have enough for a nice sofa instead. Accessories are wonderful and necessary and good, but it's better to spend on the big stuff. Once you have the big stuff, great! Go crazy!

En mammas dag
I think there's something to be said for using a little creativity and personality rather than forking over the big bucks for every last little item in a room. You don't want to end up with a house that looks like a museum.


That's my two cents on where I spend and save when decorating on a budget!

What do you save and spend on?

March 27, 2012

giveaway: four pillows from woodyliana

I picked up a couple of great pillows at the Woodyliana sale last week, did you? If you missed the sale, never fear--the shop will soon be re-stocked with a bunch of great new stuff, and we're giving away FOUR pillows to celebrate!

Yes, all four of these beautiful, designer pillows by my wonderful sponsor Woodyliana. That's the foundation for a whole room re-design, right there. The Riad and Betwixt fabrics are extremely popular (for good reason!). The floral print is new to me and I love it!

Qty. (1) Schumacher Betwixt in Indigo, size 20"sq. with pattern on the front and Ivory linen backing
Qty. (1) Kravet/ Windsor Smith Riad in Indigo, size 20"sq. with pattern on both sides
Qty. (2) Schumacher Kelmscott Manor Print, size 20'sq. with pattern on the front and Ivory linen backing

These pillows would look great in a lot of rooms. I put together a couple of design boards to give you some ideas. You can pin your favorite one to Pinterest for an additional chance to win (see instructions below).

Asian-inspired Sitting Room

 Nautical-inspired Living Room

Four Ways to Win:
1. Pin one of my giveaway-inspired design boards (using the buttons above)
2. Blog a link to the giveaway and leave a comment on this post
3. Tweet a link to the giveaway and mention @wmarissa
4. Follow ROOST and leave a comment on this post

The winner will be announced Friday!

A pin for the win-- congrats, Marci!
And thanks again to Woodyliana for these wonderful pillows.

March 23, 2012

cherry blossoms

I have been taking a little break to enjoy the beautiful blooms at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC for the past few days. I took this picture on our walk around the Tidal Basin, aren't the trees amazing? 

I have some fun things coming up next week-- including a great giveaway-- stay tuned!

P.S. Thanks for your comments on my trendy pillow situation-- glad you guys seem to love them like I do!

March 20, 2012

chiang mai and other bandwagons

 For a long time, I've wanted a couple of Chaing Mai Dragon pillows. I kept talking myself out of it, mainly because where have you NOT seen that fabric? When I saw an alabaster pair at the Woodyliana sale last week, I couldn't say no anymore. They came in the mail yesterday-- they're so bright and cheerful, I love them.

I'm normally not really into trends. I don't like things that go out of date easily. I'm not sure if Chiang Mai will or won't be out of style in a blink, but I do know I love these pillows!

How do you feel about decorating trends?

March 19, 2012

romantic / deco / trad design board

 I've been thinking a lot about decorating my own house. My focus has definitely been elsewhere lately, and my place needs some work! I thought I'd put together a little design board to show you the direction I'm thinking-- a little traditional, a little regency, a little romantic.

Peony & Blossom Fabric in Sage/Beige | GP & J Baker
Truman Table Lamp in Turquoise | High Street Market
Paintings: Antique Store
Illustration: British Vogue, January 1926
Dresser: Dorothy Draper (DIY version here!)

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March 16, 2012

estates of virginia

I love living in such a historic place--one reason, historic homes! 

 I love driving around looking at the gorgeous estates near my house. I'd love to go inside some. Here are some that are currently on the market (click the picture to see the posting).

Glossy white floors on an enclosed porch.

 Needs some color, but I love the tall windows and the oil paintings.

This lovely estate comes with a chapel, cabin, and vineyard. And of course this amazing house.

Definitely a million dollar view!

March 13, 2012

kate spade housewares

Kate Spade has been my favorite brand since, like, forever. Did you know they have a totally chic and fun line of housewares? Perfect gifting material. The line is sold lots of places (Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Nordstrom) but the best selection by far is on the Kate Spade website. These are some of my favorites (dot dishware!!).

1. 2. 3. 4.

March 12, 2012

sale at woodyliana!

 Woodyliana is having an amazing sale starting today! There are not only great pillows, but also designer fabric remnants and yardage for way less than the wholesale price. 
Check out all the great items in the shop--the sale is open now through March 19!

March 8, 2012

built-in bunks

Bunks are an obvious choice for vacation homes, but I love the idea of a little individual sleeping space within a larger, shared kid-room. (Especially a room this comfy and chic!)

I had a bunk bed as a kid. I thought it was the Best. Thing. Ever. I think the kids who live in this room must agree.

I love how this bunk separates the two workspaces so each kid can have a little personal space.
 Traditional Home via
The swing-arm lamps are so perfect. I love sophisticated touches in kid spaces.

I especially love built-in bunks with extra details like crown moulding, cornices, built-in storage, desks, or actual stairs!

March 6, 2012

charlottesville design house 2011

Heidi Brooks Interior Design | Steele, Sterling, and Crandall Interiors
Design houses are fascinating to me. Each designer's room has a totally different style and design approach, and it's cool to compare them. And since they're not usually designed for actual clients, the designer can really express their style.

Last year, I did a little volunteering at the Charlottesville Design House. I thought I'd share a couple little photos of my favorites from their website. I can't wait to tour the 2012 design house this May!

Heidi Brooks Interior Design | Steele, Sterling, and Crandall Interiors
 This back stairway was my favorite part of the whole house. I love the hand-painted wallpaper, the rope handrail, the dark wood, and the beautiful window. There's also a pretty chandelier you can't see in this photo.

Victoria Pouncey Design

Holly Joseph Design

Gibson Design Group, Inc.

Interiors by Moyanne

More photos and information here.
Photos by Robert Radifera.

March 5, 2012

aurore de la morinerie

Last week I came across the work of artist Aurore de la Morinerie. I took a look through her portfolio, and the pieces are stunning! French with Asian influence--totally my cup of tea.

 I want to snag a print of this cute little guy!
See the whole portfolio here.

March 1, 2012

japanese byobu screens

My latest obsession are these amazing Japanese paneled screens.

They're called "byobu" screens and are painted with calligraphy and usually scenes from nature, sometimes people.

Byobu screens are pretty easy to find for sale on eBay or Etsy. This unusual metallic screen would be perfect for a kid's room! (A really well-behaved, doesn't-touch-the-antiques kid.) It's HUGE-- 8.5 feet wide and 3.5 feet tall. 

This is the screen that started my obsession. Asian decor tends to have a lot of yellow and red. But I’m a big fan of the unusual screens with cool tones, pink, and crisp white. Bonus points for screens that depict birds, which many do. I *love* birds. I would really like this exact screen for my house.